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These are our most current reviews. As you can see we have arranged them with dates. We figured there is no reason to read a review from 3 years ago.

“Much improvement, aching is better- it’s amazing. Walking everyday” M.S November 2015

“I’m happy for how friendly you guys are, it made it easier to come in. My legs felt like they pounded all the time, for years. Now they feel good, they feel like I imagine they are supposed to!”K.M. November 2015

“Legs definitely improved. I can’t remember the last time they work me up. Nowhere near as achy as before”S. H October 2015

“Legs feel better- sleeping better at night” P.H October 2015

“A little over 3 years ago I went to see Dr.A at the Fridley clinic to have sclerotherapy done to my legs.  As usual with any Dr. visit, especially if it is your first visit, you are asked to fill out a medical history form.  On that form I indicated that my legs felt heavy a great majority of the time.  That I almost always experienced swelling to my ankles, on and off leg discomfort, and moderate to severe restless legs.  I mentioned I contributed these symptoms to my MS.  Dr.A said that may be the case, but he wanted to do a doppler study to see if there could be another cause for these problems.  The doppler study showed that I in fact did have some very nasty vein issues to both legs and that may be the contributing factor for my leg problems.  I am so very thankful Dr.A wasn’t convinced that my MS was totally to blame.  Dr.A is extremely knowledgeable and passionate.  He is such a caring, thoughtful, sincere, and patient person.  He did not rush me and gave me as much time as I needed to ask questions and fully understand the ablation procedure he would be doing.  The procedure itself was painless, but there was a little stinging to the site he was numbing.  That stinging went away very quickly.  Since the procedure I have very little, to no ankle swelling, my legs no longer have that heavy feeling, and I can’t remember the last time I had leg discomfort other than when I bang them into the corner of the table or chair, etc.  What excites me the most is the good riddance to my restless legs.  Well not completely.  I do have some restless legs, but only after walking 5 or more miles without allowing my legs to rest.  But that is nothing compared to before when the restless leg problem could and would happen at any given time. I can’t speak more highly of Dr.A and his wonderful staff.  Every time I have gone there for either a treatment or recheck I am always greeted by my name and with a very welcoming smile.  I can honestly say I have never seen or heard them to be unhappy.  They all work so well together.  It is wonderful place to have such good care.Without hesitation I would recommend Dr.A and as my husband calls him; “The best vein Dr. in town.”  Thank you Dr.A for taking such good care of me” S.P September 2015

“Legs feel great, running 100% better, no more RLS” J.L September 2015

“I’m just so happy with how changed my legs feel, the change is remarkable” D.G August 2015.

“I would have dreamed her legs would feel as good as they do know. I am excited to wear shorts this summer” B.H. August 2015

“When I was in Mesa, Arizona my legs were swollen and very sore. I had a lot of trouble walking without a lot of pain. The friend I was visiting said, “Why not go to a doctor and get your legs fixed?” She went on the internet and found Doctor A, and that is how I found him. After the treatment my legs feel very good. Him and his staff are very good and professional. Would recommend them to anyone.”

“I had the pleasure of getting my varicose vein treatment from Dr. Afzal. The staff was courteous and I was not kept waiting for long at anytime. the Doctor explained everything in detail . my procedure felt like a breeze as I was made to feel so comfortable and welcome. subsequently after I went home and I had questions, I was provided with answers as soon as possible. I had such a good experience that I decided to get liposuction from the doctor. He was again very professional and took along time explaining everything to me. He was honest about what to expect. The preparation and the actual procedure took about 3 hours. I was pain free throughout. I was told how I would feel during recovery and what I felt was very close to that. I was quite sore for a few days. I was able to get the nurse or the doctor every time I tried to get a hold of them. Eventually when my swelling settled down the results were brilliant! Thank you doctor A!!”

“The staff at metro vein clinic are friendly, upbeat and make you feel comfortable.
After having my treatments, I have no more leg pain whatsoever. Also, my legs look so much better. I no longer worry about wearing shorts in the summer!
I would highly recommend Metro Vein to anyone who is having problems with varicose veins.”

“They are awesome. Always make you feel comfortable. I had my sleeping toddler on my chest during my ultrasound and Natalie was so patient and understanding. Brielle is caring and so helpful and Dr. A is fantastic!!!!”

“The staff at Metro Vein Clinic were wonderful. They are knowledgeable and thorough and take time when you are under their care, no rushing you and out the door. Dr. A is a delight and my procedure was actually fun! His great sense of humor and excellent taste in music made my treatment sessions fly by and before I knew it the procedure was over. In one of my last sclerotherapy sessions, I had the delight of seeing the absolute instant disappearance of a large vein cluster that had been present on my ankle for years, it was nothing short of amazing! I would definitely recommend Metro Vein to friends and family!”
– Heidi

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