Venous Reflux

Venous Reflux Disease 101: Prevention and Treatment

You are starting to get varicose veins. A part of you is sad because you now feel uncomfortable wearing shorts or dresses out in public. The other part of you says, “No worries; it is only a cosmetic matter. I’m still healthy.” But little by little you start noticing other changes. Now, you’re having routine […]

Metro Vein Clinic

How to choose a vein doctor

Varicose vein treatment does not lead to spider vein treatment. Most insurance’s cover varicose veins treatment with symptoms. The insurance companies don’t cover spider vein treatments. That is why it is important to have the following conversation with your doctor. How much will it cost to have treatment done for Varicose veins. If they can’t […]

Real Patients Real Results

At Metro Clinics we specialized in treatment of Varicose Veins. Most patients complain of leg pain, leg swelling, aching leg, bulging veins, restless leg syndrome. Most patients with vein disease will see blue veins, bulging veins, spider veins. There may be phlebitis ( red, hard, painful varicose veins ), skin discoloration near or around the ankles or skin […]