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Wouldn’t it be nice not to have leg pain and swelling caused by varicose veins? There is a solution and you are at the right place for it. We are the most reviewed and liked vein clinic Minnesota. Reason? excellent results and patient care. We specialize in

  • Medical treatment of Varicose veins covered by most insurance plans. Dr Kamran Afzal is in network with America’s PPO, Healthpartners, Preferred One, Medica, Medicare, UCare, Humana
  • We specialize in medical treatment of Varicose veins with high deductible plans
  • Cosmetic treatment of spider veins

We know you wonder what are the symptoms of varicose veins. They are:

  • Leg pain
  • Swollen legs
  • Aching legs
  • Phlebitis
  • Restless leg syndrome

Most patients with vein disease will see on their legs

  • Blue veins
  • Bulging veins
  • Spider veins
  • Phlebitis ( red, hard, painful varicose veins )
  • Skin discoloration near or around the ankles. You may see redness or dark pigmentation
  • Skin breakdown mostly at the ankles. This is also known as leg ulcer

Or their doctor would have told them that they have

This very common disease can be treated and we treat vein disease using