Before and after of varicose veins

Below are some of the patients we have treated. Dr Afzal has performed more than 120,000 sclerotherapy injections. Unlike other clinics we date and constantly update our before and after pictures . Click here or Call 651-393-9444 to make an appointment

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Varicose veins on the back of the right leg . Post treatment excellent results.


Another patient with Varicose veins on the back of the right thigh.  Excellent results.


This is the back of the left calf. Now this Gentleman had previously treated varicose veins at another facility. Results are after one treatment.


Having varicose veins around the foot is tough for anyone. This is the inside of the right leg. Wearing compression in the summer, not to mention the pain and discomfort. Another example of excellent results.


A very simple case for our clinic. Quick and fast results, a happy patient.


This young man missed one week of soccer to get these results. We recommended that he walk atlas one mile a day right after treatment. Excellent compliant patient.


Ropy varicosities on the outside of the right thigh. Post treatment satisfied patient.


This patient did extremely well. This is the inside of the right leg. These results are after 1 month of treatment.


This patient had varicosities on the back of the left calf. Past treatment leg looks and feels fantastic.


This is another look at the same patient in the picture above. You can see that the Right ankle cleared up so nicely.


Another picture of the same patient. This is the left inner ankle. Patient had excellent results.