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I see veins but should they be treated? Why?

  I have a problem but I don’t have a problem? Two common complaints we get from patient’s previous experience at getting their veins treated are as follows: “I have these big ropey veins and some spider veins on my legs. I went to my primary care doctor and my doctor says that that I […]

How to choose a vein doctor

Varicose vein treatment does not lead to spider vein treatment. Most insurance’s cover varicose veins treatment with symptoms. The insurance companies don’t cover spider vein treatments. That is why it is important to have the following conversation with your doctor. How much will it cost to have treatment done for Varicose veins. If they can’t […]

Education is key in understanding healthcare issues

I thought I just had spider veins but the vein doctor said …

Dear Dr. A “I have ugly spider veins, so I went to a vein clinic. Before I met the doctor an ultrasound was done of my legs by the ultrasound tech. After waiting 40 minutes I got to meet the doctor who told me that I have varicose veins. I asked the doctor what about […]

If you have a $5000 or more deductible you need to call us first.

 If your deductible is $5000 or more you are better off coming to us than going to another provider. We specialize in these high deductible plans and HSA plans. Our patient care coordinators help you navigate through the insurance maze. We offer Saturday appointments Highly reviewed clinic, our reviews speak for the quality of our work Unprecedented direct access […]

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